Neighborhood Choice Services - a division of Neighborhood Choice Realty - serves the property management needs of Fairfax County and the surrounding areas. Check out what some previous clients have to say about us!

"In a world of not always honest and usually desperate for the "sale", Julie Brodie proves that she actually and honestly cares for BOTH parties involved. This is our second home through Julie and Neighborhood Choice Realty. Both moves were flawless and pain free because of the efforts of Julie and her team. They are not only professional and extremely knowledgeable of NOVA, but their integrity and attention to ALL details is second to none! She continues to check in a month later to make sure everything is perfect with the home, and we feel genuinely cared for. If anything ever needs attention, you can rest assure that itTestimonials for NCS will be taken care of within 24 hours. Whether you are looking to purchase a home, investment property or a rental, she somehow makes everyone feel at the very top of her list. As a Wife, Mother and Washingtonian from birth I couldn't imagine trusting anyone else but Julie with such an important role."
--Lauren and Jonathan Riksen

"I have been working with the principals of Neighborhood Choice Services for property management over the last few years and I have come to expect true excellence in their service and process. They have a meticulous pre-screening process to ensure the best possible tenant relationship. Their dedication to customer service is truly unparalleled. Neighborhood Choice Services only employs the best of the best with contractors for repairs and property enhancements - all at an extremely reasonable cost. They communicate with all parties to handle repairs promptly and efficiently. No matter what the issue, Neighborhood Choice Services is always there to manage the process and follow up to ensure they meet or exceed expectations of everyone involved. They do not miss a beat with their attention to detail and I couldn't be more satisfied as a client. I highly recommend Neighborhood Choice Services and will continue to encourage others to use their property management services as well."
--Ian C Markley

Testimonials of Property Management Services

"Since the first time that I met with Julie to look at the rental property, she was great, as she was so easy and fun to talk to. Her attitude made it so easy for us to positively build a strong and friendly relationship. Until this day (a year + since my children and I moved in), Julie remains in touch with me on a regular basis to check if all is well and anything needs to be taken care of, and continues to help us if we had any queries. The Neighborhood Choice Realty Team is fantastic and one of a kind, and I have never been happier dealing with a realtor/agency. Their availability to help and provide assistance has been prompt even in the odd hours of the night. You don't feel you are dealing with an agent, but rather with a family member who will always be there unconditionally."
--Asmaa Abughazaleh

"Where to even start with Julie Brodie with Neighborhood Realtors. I can begin by saying Julie should have the following on her business card: (but then she would need a business legal size card which would be awkward). Titles such as Julie the Mentor, Julie the inspiration, Julie the go getter, Julie my friend, Julie the Tiger, Julie the Tiger Lily. Julie Brodie can't be described in one sentence let alone few words. Julie was my listing agent who I can easily say poured her heart and soul into selling my home. Without Julie I would have been lost throughout the whole transaction not knowing which way to go. With her guidance only then were able to get to the table. We cried we laughed we stressed now we are unstressed. If you have the incredible opportunity of meeting her or better yet working with her you will know exactly what I mean. No one will work harder for you than Julie Brodie .I look forward to working with her and her team soon."
--Fernando Marquez

"Julie Brodie is our Realtor and our go to person for life for everything. It was amazing, she found us our home, sold our home, found our painters, decorators and landscapers…We truly are living our DREAM because of our Dream Realtor Julie Brodie. Thank you Julie and "The Brodie Bunch for all you did daily as a person and OUR Realtor!!!!!!!!"
-- Denise, Gerald and Kid