Commercial Services

Commercial ServicesNeighborhood Choice Services offers a complete menu of services that allow us to customize our scope of work to address your specific asset and property management needs on a property by property basis.

From experience, we understand that every property is unique. Market conditions vary. Demographics vary. The physical conditions and needs of each property vary. Property resources vary. A one-size-fits-all approach simply does not make sense, particularly in economic times that demand innovation, strategic planning, insight, and creativity.

Our commercial services¬† provides you with a complete menu of property and facility maintenance services such as landscaping, plumbing, pest, snow removal, and many other repair services.  The combination of our service footprint and broad menu of commercial property maintenance services gives you the option of vendor consolidation which simplifies the sourcing process and reduces your administrative costs.

Commercial Services provided by Neighborhood Choice ServicesRecurring or Scheduled Services:

On-Demand / Repair Services: